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Change is hard but it is the only constant in life. Those who look only to the past or present might miss the fu­ture.

Play2Transform™ Consulting is a new age service offering in transformation and innovation culture building for businesses and education ecosystem to get future-ready.


For corporates, startups and non-profits, our unique play-based service offering in areas of New Age Culture Transformation, Design Thinking & Innovation, Growth Mindset, Disruptive Thinking with a Lean In approach. We specialize in breaking silos to build a culture of co-creation, trust and respect and innovation using DESIGN and PLAY as a catalyst.

Domain areas include Employee Experience, Sales & Operations, Customer Experience, Marketing, and other areas of business transformation using new and emerging technologies.

We set up end-to-end Transformation and Innovation programs for corporates, startups, colleges and schools with the necessary processes and technologies with “design thinking coupled with systems thinking at the core”. Along with immersive workshops and on-going consulting services, we also provide exposure and integration with new age start-ups for applied innovation benefits.

Clients across industries: Deutsche Bank (BFSI), Cipla (Pharma), HP (Technology), LinkedIn (Platform solutions), Indigo Consulting Publicis (Consulting agency), (Start-up) and many more

View listing of our new age Training & Workshops with Online & Hybrid delivery models.

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For academic institutions such as school, colleges, educators and edutech startups, our unique play-based service offering enables students and faculty to experience, learn and practice 21st century skills such as digital, entrepreneurial, creativity, design and computational thinking. Key offerings includes:

  • Design Thinking and Innovation course for colleges offering business, design, innovation, digital, marketing, technology and entrepreneurship courses
  • Faculty/Educator Development Program for colleges on “Design thinking and Innovation” (download Mindset Shift Playbook for Educators)
  • Digital Wellness & Responsibility for Grade 6-12 students on “Building 21st century skills in the world of uncertainty” (playpreneur® mindset), and Digital Wellness and Responsibility.
  • The Young Innovators Program (STEAM pop-up format) in collaboration with the School of Accelerated Learning. More information below.

Key Education Clients // Higher-Ed: SP Jain School of Global Management Mumbai, Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering Hyderabad, Makers Asylum, School of Accelerated Learning Hyderabad | Schools: Nahar International School Mumbai (private), NES High School & Jr College Mumbai (govt aided).

View listing of our new age Training & Workshops with Online & Hybrid delivery models.

For details, email or visit Clients & Testimonials

Why us? We believe Experience is the science (and now the heart) of transformation. Our future ready transformation offering uses design thinking coupled with systems thinking, play-based methods and new technology intervention to accelerate transformation and innovation like no other L&D, agency or consulting firm

Consulting Services

  • Innovation Culture Assessment, Visioning and (pull-based) Cultivation of Actions & Values with Reinforcement tools
  • Digital Transformation Strategy, Visioning and Roadmap
  • Innovation with Design Thinking coupled by Systems Thinking (hands-on IDEO-based design thinking and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) workshops)
  • Employee experience innovation across the lifecycle
  • Consumer Journey Mapping and Technology Enablement
  • New tech-enabled Product & Service solutions to drive brand and business growth
  • Business Process Management
  • Rapid Prototyping and Iterative Development
  • Prototype through large scale roll-out and implementation
  • Experience Design and Innovation with Business Process Management
  • ROI / Business Case Justification to increase customer, brand and business value
  • Experience Center & Innovation lab for large corporates
  • Innovation/Demo Days, Hackathons & Innovation Accelerator Program
  • Innovation Program & Project Management
  • Digital, Retail & Technology Trends

Value Delivered (activities, decision and attitudes for new age thinking)

  • Foster culture of co-creation and innovation with bottom-up approach
  • Increase uptake on digital technologies for better collaboration and productivity
  • Untap new revenue streams, reduce operational costs and improve staff productivity
  • Cost-effective, innovative tech-based solutions (from concept to reality) to your business problems
  • Bring together the best from India’s start-up ecosystem with 200+ consumer tech companies
  • Think customer-centric design first across touchpoints, then technology to drive growth
  • Deliver ‘outcome-based’ work that are scalable and accountable with measurable KPIs

Emerging Technology Blueprints

‘Where-to-use-what’ Technology Blueprint for Retail, F&B, FMCG, Pharma, Automobile, Technology, Hospitality, Real Estate, BFSI and more; India Tier-wise Technology Chart.

Key Technologies

Internet of Things (beacons, NFC, RFID), Sensors and Wireless Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI chatbot services, VPA) and Robotics, Immersive Experiences (360 video, VR, AR), Interactive Retail Content to Commerce Installations (Virtual Store, Mutitouch/Multitaction touchscreens, Gesture recognition, 3D depth sensing, Holography, Giffy booths & more), Offline-Online experiences with Arduino & Rasberry Pi, New Media Innovations for Print, Outdoors & more.

Our sweet spot lies at intersection of Technology, Business and Culture!

Thought Leadership

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