Our Enterprise sales team had an awesome Lego Serious Play session with Avinash Jhangiani as we wrapped the the year! Great way to inspire empathy, disruptive thinking and growth mindset for the enterprise sales team! See full testimonial here (200+ likes)

Virginia Sharma – Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India

Participant 1: Thank you very much AJ. It was really a warm and beautiful program  for me. Program was  really thru` a very friendly atmosphere and enlightened me.  I personally felt very happy to attend your workshop.

Participant 2: It was indeed fun filled 2 days as you had promised (27-28 Sept. 2018), the two days really flew by. In the process we were also able imbibe some of the concepts proposed by you which hopefully will enable us to change our approach to problem solving and in  developing new projects both in personal and professional lives. Our interaction amongst the participants was also lively. Since we come from different sectors of industry and services I was able to get different perspectives on the same issues.

Senior IT Managers, Large Oil and Natural Gas company

We wanted our leadership team to understanding the power of the design thinking process and have the teams begin the empathize with our external stakeholders – medical representative, doctor, pharmacist as well as the patient. Play2Transform ran a workshop to kick off the behavior shift process for us.

Large Pharmaceuticals Company

Thank you for opening up our minds and introducing us to the world of LEGO 🙂

Fast growing e-commerce startup

Mr. Avinash Jhangiani spoke about the importance of transforming from working seriously to playing seriously with a child-like creativity. In an engaging & interactive session, he talked about the rapidly changing trends & how design thinking is going to revolutionize the world.

The Annual Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 at Top ranking B-school

Play2Transform is helping us break silos and accelerates co-creation effectively across teams.

Large Financial Services Company

We invited Play2Transform for the last 2 batches consecutively. Our students love their style of teaching Design Thinking & Innovation. They update their content with interesting exercises every time and make it very relevant for our students. Unique and highly experiential!

Top 10 Forbes Ranked Business School