About us

We are infected with new age culture, human-centric design, exponential technology and disruptive creativity. Hence leading people-first transformation and innovation in the new digital age comes naturally to us.

Founder CEO, Play2transform Group
Avinash Jhangiani

What brings meaning to our work

We started our journey with a simple mission

_Disrupt Learning and Development using principles of “Design” and “Play” as a Catalyst

We believe that even as an adult, one can and must think like a child to innovate and achieve new, sustainable outcomes in the 21st century – a time when ideas are your only currency!

We must shift “from the old school of scalable efficiency to the new era of sustainable creativity”.

We do this using a simple mantra that transforms the way knowledge is delivered and problems are solved.


Play (seriously). Design (consciously). Transform (culture).

Our experience working with humans across ages groups and backgrounds shows that when we think with our hands and listen with our eyes

_we discover a new world to be explored

_we untap creativity to make a difference

_we define purpose for ourselves

This is a flow-state so rewarding that we have now come to believe that a culture of growth and innovation can be built by relentlessly applying this framework of Play seriously. Design consciously. Transform culture. (why now?)

What’s in it for you

We help you to start seeing your goals, your work and your business differently.

You start thinking and acting like a start-up! Truly become customer-focused, agile, experimental and innovative in a sustainable fashion.

“Doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. In fact, if you do good, you will do well. Be a problem solver.”

Navin Jain / Board of XPRIZE, SingularityU.

You learn to solve problems and become creative in meaningful ways.

Create intelligent, wholesome outcomes that empower your teams and your organization like nothing you have experienced before.

Summary of our offering

We provide playful workshopsTraining with Certifications and Consulting services that break silos and foster a culture of innovation in order to transform education to become more “learner-centric” as well as your business in areas of “customer-centric” experience, process excellence and other capability areas like no other training or design consulting firm.

As a part of facilitating these areas of transformation, we also provide the opportunity to toy with new technologies. You will get guidance to creatively apply emerging (cognitive/AI, mobility/AR/VR, social, cloud, big data) technologies for business benefit in a playful, practical format that you can take back to the workplace.

We work with organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to leading brands, in the private, public, and social sector.

Oh and by the way, who are we!

The Play2Transform™ Group provides new age culture transformation services across the education and corporate ecosystem. We are a passionate team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in design, strategy, technology, education, marketing and psychology. This unique network of partner entrepreneurs with a playful mindset (aka Playpreneur®) provide the necessary passion to deliver this mammoth task of culture transformation in a world of accelerating change. 

What brings us together is our belief that the world needs a better way, a playful way to solve problems and get innovation delivered.

Leadership Team

Avinash Jhangiani

Founder & CEO, Avinash Jhangiani

Keynote speaker, chief facilitator, #mentorofchange for NITI Aayog’s AIM mission, visiting faculty, startup mentor, author, podcaster and award-winning digital and technology professional. More than 20 years of global experience at Big 4 US consulting, large MNC and global communications agency to drive digital transformation, design thinking and innovation with clients across multiple industries in India and USA. Key senior-level positions held: Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Information Officer, Managing Director – Digital | LinkedIn Profile


Chief Transformation Officer: Naresh Jhangiani

35 years of hands on experience in diverse industries over multiple jurisdictions with global experience across large complex organizations. Leading Strategy to Execution, Integrator and Interventionist held P&L roles in his last two assignments, Naresh is seen as an expert on both sides of business – demand and supply, transforming HR from “Enabling function to a Business Driver”. HR & Corporate Strategy advisory board, startup mentor, executive coach | LinkedIn Profile >

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