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Teaching SDG Goals with Design Thinking to build young, future-ready leaders

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THE context

Society today does not reflect the highest manifestation of who we can be – and to transform it we must go within and transform ourselves. We see the false consensual belief of separation between individuals as the core problem. Isolation is not our destiny. We do not pretend to have the answers or know how to help anyone, so we come together to start a journey in the pursuit of individual purpose as a function of positive impact on our children.

This project brings together new age educators, concerned parents, influential policy makers, hungry startups and other changemakers passionate about bringing change to the way we deliver learning in the 21st century. We use principles of Play and Design to accelerate child development in areas of creative thinking, critical thinking / problem solving, design thinking, entrepreneurship, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) and other new trends in education to get our kids future ready.








Children Impacted

Key Accelerators

  • World’s Largest Lesson: Added to our manifesto this year to teach and advocate the 17 UN Sustainability Goals to the youth of India. The infusion of SDG goals into our student workshops and teacher development programs further accelerates Play2Transform’s mission of providing quality education – SDG # 4 – details here.
  • Real Play Coalition: Being evangelists of play, we are celebrating November as the “Global Month of Play” – an initiative by IKEA, LEGO, Unilever and Nat Geo. This coalition is formed to create a movement that prioritises the importance of play as not something that only lets children be children, but as something that sparks the fire for a child’s development and learning.  Access the 150 play-based activities here.

Our Principles

Be of Service

We believe in contributing our skills, experience and expertise to others as a way to finding our own purpose. We believe in getting out of our own ego to unlock our creative genius.

Do Well by Doing Good

We believe in making a living as a function of positive impact on others, and exploring the highest service that our lives can offer to the whole.

Thoughtware & TOOLS for 21st Century Educators ( FREE & FRESH)

(English ver.) 12 Mindset Shift Cards for 21st Century Educators by Play2Transform Group (releasing in Marathi, Hindi, Telugu soon)

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be a part of the action!

If you are a changemaker in the education ecosystem and passionate about changing the way we deliver learning to 20 million children in India by 2030, fill out the short form below, or write to with a short note about how you would like to contribute to this mission and your preferred location.

Our community is looking for these positions – Hindi, Telugu, Bengali translators, curriculum creators, community builders, STEM workshop volunteers, LEGO educators, designers, cybersafety experts, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and other areas of social and emotional intelligence.

Current Tribe Hubs
  • Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune and surrounding areas)
  • Telangana (Hyderabad and surrounding areas)
  • North India (Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR)
  • Bengaluru, Kolkata and Gurugram (looking for tribe leaders)

If you are interested in starting a tribe or joining the team of changemakers and volunteers, please write to

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Our founder, Avinash Jhangiani, who is also a mentor of change at NITI Aayog, Atal Innovation Mission, has recently been selected in the list of 28 Global Play Ambassador League (video summary), Leadership Initiative for Educators powered by PlayFutures, LEGO Foundation. Mr Jhangiani has also been selected to join a special group of global educators (#teachSDGs ambassador) tasked with making a positive impact for people and planet.

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